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Verbena is a flower fairy. She is thrilled that she will have flowers year round in her new home. She helps to cross pollinate between the flowers like her friend the bees. Making potions and salves keeps her busy. They help to soothe and heal any hurts the fairies might receive.

Kitty and Her Cat

Kitty the fairy has just found a brand new home for her and her cat. They are just settling in, in time for the Halloween season. Kitty loves pumpkins, fall colors and candy corn. She is looking forward to seeing the trick or treaters in downtown Venice, Florida. She usually dresses up as a witch, after all she already has the black cat. The cat’s name is Ginger.


Frosty the fairy has just moved into town. He has been living up north for many years, enjoying the frost and snow. Many of his fairy friends and neighbors have re-located to beautiful Venice. Florida and encouraged him to do the same. Finding the perfect location for his new home, Frosty is adjusting his life style to suit. With no snow boarding or skiing available, he has switched to surfing and skim boarding. If he feels the need to chill out, he visits the gelato shop. It’s just like being home. He hopes they make a cherry mint gelato one day. Its his favorite.


The newest fairy to set up her home in downtown is the flower fairy Rose. She is particularly fond of pink roses and has planted several around her new front door. She likes to help tend nearby gardens as well. Please do not pick any of her flowers without permission. She may give you a cutting to start your own roses, if she deems you worthy.


Daisy is a flower fairy. She has planted purple daisies out side her new home. She likes to water the flowers and help new buds to open. The bees are her friends and help her cross pollinate the flowers. Anything she can do to help the flowers grow and bloom, makes her very happy.

Thistle Fairy

Thistle just moved into his new home downtown. He found a new host building that was happy to welcome a fairy. He is a garden fairy known for his specialty of removing briars, thorns and now sand spurs from the gardens he tends. Many hands are welcome to help him with his task. He is particularly fond of the VABI volunteers, known as Keep Venice Beautiful. He has declared himself to be one of their volunteers.


Cap is a very young fairy. He was delighted to find his new home was a very colorful mushroom. Scouring the woods and fields for assorted mushrooms is one of his favorite activities. He collects them for his friends and local restaurants to cook with. Often found in local restaurant kitchens, he loves to collect recipes and sample taste the cooking.

Lacey and Muffy the Mouse

Lacey has just moved into Historic Downtown Venice. She is delighted to live near the heart of the city and across the street is a darling little pocket park with a fountain and flowers. She and her pet mouse Muffy love to go for long rambles in the park. Lacey can fly, but she often choose to ride on Muffy when they go exploring. She is very pleased that the pink flowers she planted in front of her door are doing so well.


Zephyr lives for speed. He likes everything really fast. He has located his new home near the big road, so he can try to race with the metal machines known as cars. Some times he just likes to hitch rides and get around town. His favorite merry go round is the turn table on an old fashioned record player. He definitely likes to fly on high wind days, so keep your eyes open to catch him wind surfing on blowing tree leaves.


Ash is a wood fairy, His family loves to live in forests or groves of trees. He has located his new home on a newly landscaped avenue that has a number of freshly planted trees. He loves to perch in the trees and people watch. He loves his new home and eagerly zooms around to visit all newly planted trees.

Venice Art Center Back Door (West)

Honey is known for her love of bees and honey. She rides the bees in order to direct them to the flowers with the best pollen. Hives are watched over closely to make sure they are not disturbed. Friends who come to collect the honey with respect, she vouches for them as friends. This keeps the bees calm. Never collect honey from a hive without the permission of the fairies.

Venice Theatre Box Office (South)

Sparkle is very excited to be living in such a cultural town. She flies from the theatre to the symphony and over to the Venice Art Center. Everyday brings her a new event, like the free concerts or movies in the park. She loves to watch auditions and even dreams of trying out some day, if the right role comes along. Tinkerbelle in Peter Pan or Queen Titiana in Midsummer Night’s Dream would be her dream come true.

Venice Theatre (West)

Sawdust is an accomplished wood smith. He picks up scraps of wood and can carve or make almost anything out of them. Very fond of his new home as it places him close too many fellow artisan builders. Visiting backstage, he watches the construction of sets and props on a daily basis. He has been known to sneak back later and add some special fairy touches to the stage scenery.

Venice Theatre (East)

Salty is a retired sailor. Settled happily into a beautiful park area, he is a short flight from the Intracoastal Waterway. Watching the boats sail by is a favorite occupation. He is not shy about catching a ride on a ship he admires. If it is a fishing boat giving him a fine ride, he may help to whistle the fish alongside to help the fishermen. Or he may just call the dolphins to come put on a show. Something, they dearly love to do.

Thompson Building (Eyes on You)

Puck is a mischief maker. He loves to play small pranks on people. The well established joke of a penny glued to the sidewalk is one of his. If he can trick you into stopping and trying to pick it up, he will be very amused. You’ll hear his belly laugh coming out of a nearby bush if you’re paying attention. If your hat gets knocked off by the wind, it is another of his favorite tricks.

Surrey Place (DaVincis)

Beauty is just as she is named. She loves all sorts of beauty. Has always been happily occupied fixing her hair and making her clothes. A true fashionista of fairy couture, she sets the styles for many of the fairy ladies. She has lengthy fairy locks and is constantly visiting nearby beauty shops to learn how new hair designs are done. Don’t be surprised if you see her zip by as your hair is being done.

Surrey Place (Virasana)

Beauty is just as she is named. She loves all sorts of beauty. Has always been happily occupied fixing her hair and making her clothes. A true fashionista of fairy couture, she sets the styles for many of the fairy ladies. She has lengthy fairy locks and is constantly visiting nearby beauty shops to learn how new hair designs are done. Don’t be surprised if you see her zip by as your hair is being done.

Schoolcraft Johnson Building (Venice Wine & Coffee)

Bacchus is a lover of fine wines and beer. Very partial to fine cheeses as well. He creates a fine vintage of fairy nectar that is very popular with his fellow fairies. Not above sampling other drips & drops of beer and wine that may come his way. If you find some small teethmarks on your cheese, it probably is Bacchus tasting a small sample just to check quality.

Venice Community Center

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Venice Theatre (North)

Tiburon is a very cultured fairy. He loves theatre and will view all of the shows. Never misses a performance, is quick with a critique and loves flirting with the actresses. Always looking for an opportunity to insert himself into a performance, whether he’s been cast or not. Check closely for him at curtain call, he loves the applause.

Venice Art Center (Front)

Lavender is one of the artistic fairies. She selected the most artistic setting, she could find. Surrounded by artists and art lovers, she loves her new home. It’s easy for her to slip inside and enjoy art lectures and classes. Some artists may be surprised to find some little flourishes on their artwork, they don’t remember making. Particularly in shade of lavender. The real sign of her being helpful is a wisp of her favorite scent, Lavender.

Schoolcraft Johnson Building (Artisans)

Sweetie is known far & wide for her sweet tooth. She has settled in the heart of down town with access to stores that sell candy and ice cream. Her door is colorfully decorated with one of her favorites, gum drops. She loves festivals when there are even more sweets and desserts available. Luckily flying helps her burn off the calories from all of her sweets eating.

Thompson Building

Woody is a forest fairy. He located his new home on an avenue freshly planted with many new trees and plantings. Friends with many others, who call the trees their home, he visits with the birds and the squirrels for fun. Playing tag is one of his favorite activities. If a clump of berries or acorns falls down, it may have gotten knocked down during one of their lively games.

Venice Square (South Side)

Happy, the fairy loves to be around people. His home is located by the busiest intersection in town. People watching is his favorite past time. He loves to see all the new people coming to downtown for the first time. Listening in to friendly conversation, he has learned a lot about our town. Spends some of his time picking up litter, the small bits he can handle. If he sees you littering, you may be mixed with fairy dust.

Surrey Place (Mowery’s)

Sprout is a plant fairy. His new home is situated in a garden with easy access to a park. He hides and plays in the leaves of a tree or a thick bush. He loves to play hide an go seek, so you must be very quick to catch sight of him. His home is green to blend in with his surroundings as well as his dress.

Abby’s Restaurant

Morsel is a food fairy, she has created her new abode in a place of good aromas and morsels of good food. She loves to being in the kitchen and enjoys the smell of food cooking. She is also quick to scavenge any spilled crumbs or uneaten goodies left on plates. She is a firm believer in the clean plate club and does her share to finish any uneaten food. Do not use her as an excuse to leave your vegetables on the plate. She will frown on this behavior.